Planetary Configuration Drawings

The natal planetary configuration reports takes a deep dive into what planets were highlighted in the natal chart based on placement of sign, house, and interaction of planetary aspects. The Natal Chart interprets and creates a meaningful interpretation of the users individual path based on the planetary configurations at the time of birth.

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Personality Report

Your personality report is composed of three of the most important aspects from your natal birth chart: sun sign, moon sign, and ascendant (or rising) sign. These planetary aspects that describe who you are combine your soul’s natural essence (sun sign), emotional needs (moon), and the mask you subconsciously wear as you approach this physical existence (ascendant sign).

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Short Life Transit Report

There are planets in the sky that are constantly moving every second; there is also your birth chart, which is a very fixed, yet monumental, moment in what we call time. Combine the two, and you have your Life Forecast Report, a short-term analysis of your current transits. Since the planetary and celestial bodies are connected to our perceived and current reality, these short-term transits impact you directly. These transits are like our own personal game of poker, because almost literally, NO TWO PEOPLE will be affected the same way over this short period of time.

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Ascendant Report

Your Ascendant sign (also known as your “Rising sign”), acts as the mask that you wear, especially upon your first impression, while meeting others. It is your instinctive, unconscious response to your physical environment and world. It is also the part of yourself you are most willing for other people to see in casual, impersonal situations. Knowing your ascendant and how it functions in your chart will help to interpret how you DEAL with your daily events.

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