Aquarius July 2019 Horoscope


Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Aquarius is an air sign ruled by Uranus. People born under this sign tend to be progressive free spirits that do the opposite of the masses. They are rebellious and seek to make changes for the greater good of humankind. This sign is obsessed with freedom and living somewhat offbeat to the normal rhythm of life. They can be the instigators of change of thought and are open to changes because monotony is their enemy. They are revolutionary thinkers, great at suggesting new ideas and can behave like experts in any field. They also make excellent political leaders and social workers.

This month and season you are focused on your daily activities, work and everything that you do within your normal daily routine. Getting to place where you focus on your health also reigns supreme this month. This month it’s time for reflection. What is working for you versus what isn’t? You probably have some feelings that you are suppressing in order to get work done but in order for the work to get done in a way that will help you grow, you have to face what’s hidden. Saturn and Pluto retrograde and the lunar eclipse in your 12th house, can weigh heavily and the lessons aren’t over. There’s a lot of growth for you at this time. Advice for you at this time, focus on your solitude.

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