Leo July 2019 Horoscope


Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo is a fire sign ruled by the sun. Those born under the sign of Leo need an audience. They have a strong need for approval, to be recognized for their individualism. They need to be in the spotlight. This sign is always looking for reward and flattery, and their personalities demand respect and admiration. If you’ve met a Leo, then you have met royalty; the kings and queens of zodiac. They are driven by self-expression, and concerned with identity. With so much of this sign’s energy focused on self, they bask in their own light and can be extremely creative and dramatic. These folks are honest and generous souls. Leo’s generosity is given in exchange for your attention to them.

You are preparing for your time, and you guys are almost ready. The sun being in your 12th house has shaken you a bit. You had to switch some things up in order to be in a place where you are comfortable enough to make lasting changes. You may feel like you are going backwards but the retrogrades coming in will help you figure out what you want for yourself. Be patient. Mars will help you in your first house.

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