Sagittarius July 2019 Horoscope


Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Sag is the most adventurous sign of the zodiac. Their motto should be “Life is meant to be led as an adventure”. This sign is devoted to all things exotic, foreign travel, higher learning, religious dogma, and experiencing other cultures. Driven by the need to expand the mind, people born under this sign need to understand and make sense of the world. They can be quite charismatic and their opinions can often sound like facts that should never be disputed. This sign’s philosophical approach to life makes every encounter an opportunity to learn more about the similarities and differences in humankind.

Ok Sag, this month and eclipse season will bring financial issues to the forefront for you to tackle. Perhaps you will be given a financial lifeline when you most need it. Finances that are tied to other people stand out, this could be your job, a bank, shared finances with a partner. You will need more than optimism to pull you through this but you’ve been doing great. Even when things aren’t so great, your natural optimism pksea through. Right now you are exploring your power in ways that you haven’t before. Mars is trine your sun so you may have an extra boost of confidence to get things done without settling; which is already quite natural to you. Jupiter is retrograde right now so you are doing some processing and working through things that need to come up. You are steadying your core beliefs.

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